Ridículum Vitae

Curriculums nowadays are so, oh! so studied…
People should get awards for those great resumes
that make them shine so bright.

This is not the case. 


Dani's Café


My Name is Daniel Alejandro, I love how dramatic it sounds when you pronounce it in Spanish. Is just like a Latin soap opera character. My tongue-twister last name doesn’t get any better: Zaldumbide Garzón, right, like a French Waiter.
I was born on the last day of the year 1988, in the cold city of Quito. That December 31st my mom was definitely not happy, until her beautiful (hairy/moist) baby came out to the light and changed her life. Everything was happily fine until I decided to study advertising. Then things got complicated.

Occupation: I spend a lot of time chatting and cooking by the kitchen, with my iPad always next to me. I also come up with ideas and people give me money for doing It.
Sex: Not much, lately… and I am single, but I partner-dance really good. I’m half Colombian, that’s probably why.
Studies: I mastered the art of “write drunk and edit sober” while having sangría at the Miami Ad School Madrid, then I typed stories all covered up in clothes like a tamale in the cold Miami Ad School San Francisco and later got lost in other cities I really loved. But, where did all this advertising thing started? At the beloved UDLA in Quito and the amazing UEM in Madrid.
Country: I’m from Ecuador, I live among Andean llamas. Literally in the middle of the world. Surrounded by volcanos and sleeping on clouds at night, that’s where I come from, the city of San Francisco de Quito.

Experiences: (Just a few)
Once, when I worked as a creative in Ogilvy Quito, a client asked me to flip a picture on Photoshop because he wanted to see «the front part of a truck» not the backside.

Also (context: I have never really looked the age I actually have), working as a copywriter for JWT, we went to a debrief with our client (a high school), the receptionist thought I was a kid, she gave me an Admissions Test and told me to wait for the teacher.

(Another context: My dad is a well known newspaper Jurnalist in Ecuador) So, Working as a Creative in Maruri Grey -on my first week at the Agency- a client came to the room where I was, she got in shock, and started talking (screaming) to me: “I can’t believe it! You are Cesar Zaldumbide’s son!! I used to change your diapers! OMG, look how big you are now”. I just wanted the floor to swallow me to death. I didn’t even know who this woman was. Then I called my dad and he told me she was the daughter of his assistant, and yup… she did change my diapers once… 

 Other Abilities:
Pancakes, the best you’ll ever try!
· Make my friends look handsome with Photoshop
· Doodling on Illustrator.
· I can move my ears.
· I can also craft a really good pesto.
· I’ve done some voiceovers. 
To dance the Mambo like a Cuban.
· To get to know my co-Workers Ridículums.
· To lose a little weight from this cuerpito latino.
· To work for a multi-cultural agency with a good coffee machine.
· Maybe a waffle machine too.

Contact: Never touch my under arm because it’s kind of soft. It makes me kind of uncomfortable. We don’t want to be uncomfortable so you can email me to ElPapi69@latinmail.com (not real) or better yet, contact me by clicking: here (right now would be a great moment I’m just chilling before getting back to work)